Jerad & Amanda

Jerad and Amanda met in Las Vegas in 2000. They began dating while attending Las Vegas Master’s Commission and were married in 2003.

After master’s commission, Jerad and Amanda worked as youth pastor’s in Las Vegas, before moving to Yakima, WA. In 2009, they moved to Brentwood, CA, where they have served at Harvest Time Church as youth pastors.

Missions has been on Jerad and Amanda’s hearts for many years. They have participated in Speed the Light giving, and several missions trips. Several years ago, God began to stir something new in their hearts and they felt the call to full-time missions. At the end of 2018, they felt God say it was time to get the ball rolling. It was during this time that they first heard of Equatorial Guinea.

Based on past experience, they began looking for places in South America to serve. However, nothing felt right. Then during the course of a conversation, someone told them about a country in Africa that speaks Spanish. After a little research, their hearts were captured.